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【种事】【攻但】【光所】【两根】【章黑】* * *【暗主】
【而且】【说领】【世界】【来直】【诱惑】"Oh, no. Of course not. It's thrilling. These SPECTRE people. Haven't I read about them somewhere? In the papers?"【丈高】

【第四】【没有】【界世】【点吃】【屑道】The red fleck that I had seen once, terribly, before was now in the thin man's eyes. He said softly, "Just suppose you bag your lip, mister. I ain't standin' for no more limey cracks, get me? You suggestin' this ain't legit? Mebbe you think we set one up, huh?"【中走】

【斗那】【玄妙】【被砸】【身体】【失无】I could feel one of his hands loosening itself from me to get to his gun, and I began struggling again.【常高】
【造成】【十几】【属性】【招紫】【还是】Kurt hung his head. "Ah, but you are good to me, Viv. You are a real friend in need-eine echte Kameradin. And you are right. I must not behave like a weakling. You will be ashamed of me. And that I could not bear." He gave me a tortured smile and went to the door and let himself out.【要是】

【点点】【和亵】【的主】【了起】【形成】Nine: Then I Began to Scream【向了】
【凭借】【读数】【他们】【械强】【的实】He smiled grimly. He nodded in the direction of the flames. "That's the game. Burn the place down for the insurance. They're just fixing the flames to reach the lobby building, sprinkling thermite dust along the covered way. I couldn't care less. If I took them on now, I'd only be saving Mr. Sanguinetti's property for him. With us as witnesses, he won't even smell the insurance. And he'll be in jail. So we'll just wait a bit and let him have a total loss on his books."【迹溢】
【月最】【天上】【彻底】【紫你】【发出】* * *【呢萧】

【陵园】【然不】【永不】【狂的】【使主】Sluggsy said contemptuously, "Kerist! A limey! What is this, the United Nations?"【形非】

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