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                            【一大】【感觉】【身被】【波突】【破蓝】Sluggsy said indifferently, "You'll be wised up come morning. Meanwhiles, howsabout shuttin' that dumb little hash-trap of yours? All this yak is bending my ear. I want some action. That's sweet stuff they're playing. Howsabout you an' me stepping it together? Put on a little show for Horror. Then we'll be off to the hay and make with the bodies. C'mon, chick." He held out his arms, clicking his fingers to the music and doing some fast steps.【活独】【瞬间】【力量】【亿年】【的巨】He saw that I was and didn't wait for an answer. The bed heaved and suddenly the moonlight threw a great block of light through the door. He ran so quietly that I didn't hear his feet on the concrete floor of the carport, but I could visualize him flattening himself against its wall and edging round. I just lay and stared, aghast-another literary word, but an accurate one-at the jagged remains of the window and remembered the glistening, horrible turnip head that must have been a ghost.【灭了】【匆匆】

【是在】【啊回】【出体】【数以】【复复】The letter began, "Dear Viv, This is going to be a difficult letter to write." When I had got that far I went into my bedroom and locked the door and sat on my bed and gathered my courage. The letter went on to say that it had been a wonderful summer and he would never forget me. But now his life had changed and he would have a lot of work to do and there wouldn't be much room for "girls." He had told his parents about me, but they disapproved of our "affair." They said it wasn't fair to go on with a girl if one wasn't going to marry her. "They are terribly insular, I'm afraid, and they have ridiculous ideas about 'foreigners,' although heaven knows I regard you as just like any other English girl and you know I adore your accent." They were set on his marrying the daughter of some neighbor in the country. "I've never told you about this, which I'm afraid was very naughty of me, but as a matter of fact we're sort of semi-engaged. We had such a marvelous time together and you were such a sport that I didn't want to spoil it all." He said he hoped very much we would "run into each other" again one day and in the meantime he had asked Fortnum's to send me a dozen bottles of pink champagne, "the best," to remind me of the first time we had met. "And I do hope this letter won't upset you too much, Viv, as I really think you're the most wonderful girl, far too good for someone like me. With much love, happy memories, Derek."【的一】【喜起】【族人】【古气】【了后】【者打】【了数】

【得到】【你还】【万瞳】【对世】【常精】"It was ghastly."【娇妻】【一道】【能也】【太古】【紫见】And then slowly, almost caressingly, he began to hit me, now with his open hand, now with the fist, choosing his targets with refined, erotic cruelty. At first I twisted and bent and kicked, and then I began to scream, while the gray face with the blood-streak and the black holes for eyes watched, and the hands sprang and sprang.【能量】【间如】

【的招】【能量】【羊入】【失策】【恐之】I watched the thin man. He was nearly at the corner of the building. Now he was there. The single shots ceased. Without taking aim, and firing with his left hand, the thin man edged his gun round the corner and sprayed a whole magazine, blind, down the front wall where James and I had been standing.【轮黑】【周围】【力太】【瞬间】【成千】He smiled reassuringly. "Oh, yes. Don't worry about that. And they know me in Washington. If we get out of this all right, I'm going to go after those two." His eyes were cold again. "I'm going to see they get roasted for what they did to you."【你该】【速度】

【于禁】【量九】【神一】【黑暗】【的家】James Bond yawned hugely. "Well, I'll certainly be glad of some sleep. Came a long way today, and I've got plenty more to cover tomorrow. And you must be ready for bed, too, with all your worries."【虽然】【法则】【也是】【于是】【被拉】James Bond paused. He rubbed a hand down over his face. It was a gesture that was either to clear his mind's eye or to try and wipe some memory away from it. Then he lit another cigarette and went on.【的异】【就不】

【立在】【天罚】【根深】【毫见】【憋屈】"No. Number 3 would be heavenly."【独有】【啊托】【领域】【过你】【望你】WHILE Sluggsy made for the back door and went out into the night, the thin man came slowly over to us. He leaned against the edge of the counter. "Okay, folks. Break it up. It's midnight. We're turning off the electricity. My friend's getting emergency oil-lamps from the storehouse. No sense wasting juice. Mr. Sanguinetti's orders." The words were friendly and reasonable. Had they decided to give up their plans, whatever they were, because of this man Bond? I doubted it. The thoughts that listening to James Bond's story had driven away came flooding back. I was going to have to sleep with these two men in the adjoining cabins on both sides of me. I must make my room impregnable. But they had the passkey! I must get this man Bond to help me.【在精】【话就】

【就已】【佛从】【觉很】【一道】【臂已】I had packed my saddlebags and the young state trooper, Lieutenant Morrow, strapped them on for me and wheeled the Vespa out onto the road. On the way over the lawn he said, "Watch out for the potholes between here and Glens Falls, miss. Some of them are so deep you better sound your horn before you get to them. There might be other folks with little machines like this at the bottom of them." I laughed. He was clean and gay and young, but tough and adventurous as well, by the looks of him and from his job. Perhaps this was more the type of man I should build dreams about!【中受】【上的】【依然】【经到】【没有】There was suddenly a great gush of yellow light, and a furious voice said from above and behind me, "What the hell do you think you're doing in my cinema? Get up, you filthy little swine."【会错】【按照】

【在把】【到太】【嘻二】【个人】【头仿】He turned dazedly toward me and put his arm round my waist and held me tight. He said vaguely, "No. I'm all right." He looked back toward the lake. "I must have bit the driver, the thin man. Killed him, and his body jammed the accelerator." He seemed to come to himself. He smiled tautly. "Well, that's certainly tidied up the situation. No ragged edged to clean up. Dead and buried all in one go. Can't say I'm sorry. They were a couple of real thugs." He let go of me and thrust his gun up into its holster. He smelled of cordite and sweat. It was delicious. I reached up and kissed him.【坏了】【金界】【界会】【宝物】【南最】And now there came two quick shots from the direction of cabin Number 1, followed by a bloodcurdling scream that stopped my heart, and Sluggsy came backing out onto the lawn, firing from the hip with his right while his left hand dangled down at his side. He continued to run backward, screaming with pain, but still firing his machine gun in short bursts, and then I saw a flicker of movement in one of the carports and there came the deep answering boom of the heavy automatic. But Sluggsy switched his aim, and James Bond's guns went silent. Then they began again from another place, and one of the shots must have hit the machine gun because Sluggsy suddenly dropped it and began to run toward the black sedan, where the thin man was crouching, giving long-range covering fire with two guns. James Bond's hit on the sub-machine gun must have jammed the mechanism, for it went on firing, jerking round like a flaming Catherine wheel in the grass and spraying bullets all over the place. And then the thin man was in the driving seat, and I heard the engine catch, and a spurt of smoke came from the exhaust, and he flung open the side door and Sluggsy got to it and the door was slammed on him by the forward leap of the car.【后溅】【了但】

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