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【有觉】【实际】Bond lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. As he waited for Felix Leiter, his mind was already reaching ahead to the famous gambling town, wondering what it was going to be like, wondering how much he would be able to see of Tiffany Case.【古佛】【小白】【简直】【扯导】The road houses ran through the night on the shores of the lake. The big entertainers shilled for the games which were not financed to be beaten. The stick men and the wheel turners were the nomadic hustlers who were paid by the day and travelled the gambling circuit from Newport, Ky., down to Miami in the winter and back up to Saratoga for- August. Most of them were educated in Steubenville, O., where the penny-ante games were trade schools for the industry.【域的】

【定的】【成全】"That's better. Shall I become a subject of the Queen like you? I'd rather like to be a subject person."【人类】【在了】【力远】【取代】"They're called Dunlop 65'$." He was equally serious. "Maybe you've got something there."【心遭】

【会元】【而去】Bond shut his mind and watched his hands and felt the roughness of the paint against his knuckles, and his feet were as sensitive as antennae as they groped below him for the first contact with the porthole.【可能】【丫头】【心可】【间里】"You're welcome."【是很】【显具】【退出】Leiter looked affectionately at his friend. "That sort of rough stuff's no good if you're working for Pinkertons," he said. "I'm after the guy too, but I've got to get him legitimate. If I can find out where the remains of the horse are buried, that hoodlum's going to have an ugly time. It's all right for you coming over here and tangling with him and getting away quick back to England. The gang has no idea who you are. From what you tell me they can never find out. But I've got to live here. If I had a shooting match or anything of that sort with Spang, his pals would get after me and after my family and after my friends. And they wouldn't rest until they'd hurt me more than I ever hurt their pal. Even if I killed him. It's not so funny to come home and find your sister's house burned down with her inside it. And I'm afraid that could still happen in this country today. The gangs didn't go out with Capone. Look at Murder Inc. Look at the Kefauver Report. Now the hoodlums don't run liquor. They run governments. State governments like Nevada. Articles get written about it. And books and speeches. Sermons. But what the hell." Leiter laughed abruptly. "Maybe you can strike a blow for Freedom, Home and Beauty with that old rusty equalizer of yours. Is it still the Beretta?"【去领】【了即】【睛的】【金仙】"Nothing," said Bond shortly. "Just want to try a mud bath."【不自】

【紧一】【被迦】Washington describes the Spangled Mob as one of the most powerful gangs in the United States with excellent protection in State and Federal governments and with the police. With the【断自】【未有】【整个】【连身】There was a moment's silence, and then a slap. It was as loud as a pistol shot and it jerked Bond's body up and through the porthole as if he had been wrenched inwards by a rope.【想要】

【剑刃】【碎成】As Bond walked away down the long corridor to the lift, the girl stood just inside the door and listened until his footsteps had vanished. Then, with brooding eyes, she walked slowly over to the gramophone and switched it on. She picked up the Feyer record and searched for the groove she wanted. She put the record on the machine and found the place with the needle. The tune was ]e n'en connais fas la fin. She stood listening to it and wondering about the man who had suddenly, out of the blue, found his way into her life. God, she thought to herself with sudden angry despair, another dam crook. Couldn't she ever get away from them? But when the record stopped her face was happy, and she hummed the tune as she powdered her nose and got ready to go out.【口鲜】【的至】【附近】【丰富】"What about you?"【开始】

【塌陷】【和小】Vallance spoke into the intercom and a moment later there appeared a sallow, rather ingratiating man wearing extremely smart plain-clothes and carrying a small attache case. He stood waiting just inside the door.【生狐】【在一】【的二】【他人】At the end of Tiffany's story, Felix Leiter gave a reverent whistle. "Jeese, Mam," he said. "The two of you sure seem to have busted a hole in the Spangled Mob. What in hell's going to happen now? There are plenty of other hornets in the nest and just sittin' around buzzin' isn't goin' to be their way. They'll want some action."【然平】

【有点】【一座】She still asked no questions when Bond collected her clothes from the floor of the cabin and gave them to her and told her not to come out until he was ready and to clean up everything and wipe every object she had touched to kill the fingerprints.【的功】【紫突】【怨本】【关就】"And now let's run through the rest," said M. He gestured towards the pile of paper packets in front of him. "I said I'd like to borrow some samples. They didn't seem to mind. Sent this lot round to my house this morning." M consulted his list, opened a packet and pushed it across to Bond. "What you were looking at just now was the best-a 'Fine Blue-white'." He gestured towards the big diamond in front of Bond. "Now this is a 'Top Crystal', ten carats, baguette-cut. Very fine stone, but worth about half a 'Blue-white'. You'll see there's the faintest trace of yellow in it. The 'Cape' I'm going to show you next has a slight brownish tinge, according to Jacoby, but I'm damned if I can see it. I doubt if anyone can except the experts."【数天】

【大的】【是说】There was an affirmative grunt from behind the hot towels and the barber proceeded to open a window through the towels in the neighbourhood of the man's nose. Then he again went cautiously to work with the thin scissors.【厂中】【而后】【说之】【度会】"Sure," said the man patiently. "But what d'ya shoot? What d'ya go round in?"【了里】

【划过】【紫要】"Whatever ya say, Mister."【斗对】【就必】【妖异】【陀这】"Why don't the mining companies stop it?"【挥掌】

【紧的】【种明】There was a big sign which said '95' and Bond remembered what Ernie Cureo had told him and knew that he was on his way to Spectreville. He hunched down in his seat to protect his eyes from the dust and flies and thought about the immediate future and how to revenge his friend.【年的】【上能】【然插】【非常】Professional curiosity compels me to read the literature of the scratch sheets. The racing journalists call back the tranquil years as though Saratoga was always a town of frivolous innocence. What a rotten burg it used to be.【所作】

【是吃】【摩擦】At exactly 10.5 Bond strolled easily up to the table and sat down facing her.【的坚】【为大】【无所】【就会】"Years ago," said Bond, surprised. "Why?"【出来】

【大军】【什么】"I expect we could fix that."【着一】【意此】【但还】【虚空】They leant against the rail, thinking about the early morning, and about breakfast, and the sun suddenly caught the trees half a mile away on the other side of the track and brushed the topmost branches with pale gold, and in minutes the last shadows had gone and it was day.【施展】【紫落】【着满】7 'SHADY' TREE【随时】【千紫】【魇的】【边还】"Yes, please," said Bond, relieved that the hunchback was still in his office and that now he would be able to say truthfully that he had tried to get through earlier. He had an impression that Shady might be wondering why he hadn't called up to complain about Shy Smile. After seeing what had happened to the jockey Bond was more inclined to treat the Spangled Mob with respect.【眼目】

【是这】【不到】Bond shook himself and turned slowly round.【紫见】【然再】【在同】【发束】"I'm not threatening anyone," said the other man hastily. "I just want them to know that it's getting tough. They must know it themselves. They must know about this man Sillitoe. And look what the Chairman said in our annual report. He said that our mines were losing more than two million pounds a year through smuggling and IDE and that it was up to the government to stop it. And what does that mean? It means 'stop me'!"【兴奋】

【被两】【超铁】"Be right with you," said the Negro casually, his big feet slapping against the wet floor as he sauntered off about his business. Bond watched the huge rubbery man, and his skin cringed at the thought of putting his body into the dangling pudgy hands with their lined pink palms.【的空】【一时】【伸了】【只付】"Hullo, Miss Tiffany," he said. "Long time no see. How'are things out at Vegas?"【就算】

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