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【离开】【瞬间】【新章】【持一】【可谓】"I see she's got a good record. Chief Officer WRNS and then came to us. Nothing against her on her Confidential Record. Good-looker to judge from her photographs. That probably explains it. Would you say Strangways was a bit of a womanizer?"【必须】【前谁】【敌人】【皱眉】【的警】Quarrel's eyes narrowed. His hand behind the girl's back turned slowly. The girl struggled like an eel, her teeth clenched on her lower lip. Quarrel went on twisting. Suddenly she said "Ow!" sharply and gasped, "I'll tell I" Quarrel eased his grip. The girl looked furiously at Bond: "Annabel Chung."【难以】【一条】【没有】【蛮王】【狱亡】【幻象】XII THE THING

【想到】【暗主】【镖那】【数量】【尊正】Bond shrugged his shoulders. "You are unwise."【非常】【达曼】【间的】【部分】【奥秘】There was no sign of a road, or even of a track oh the island, and no sign of a house. The relief map showed that the island looked rather like a swimming water rat-a flat spine rising sharply to the head-heading west. It appeared to be about thirty miles due north of Galina Point on the north shore of Jamaica and about sixty miles south of Cuba.【除掉】【发现】【国出】【伤害】【碑其】【紫真】Quarrel scratched his head. He looked sideways at Bond. "Yo don' plan we jess ditch dis girl?" he asked hopefully. "Ain't.nuttin to do wit we…" Suddenly he stopped. His head swivelled round and pointed like a dog's. He held up a hand for silence, listening intently.
【郁的】【台恰】【斗闪】【重汗】【起声】Bond said, "This dragon. What kind is he? Have you ever seen him?"【莲瓣】【直接】【一块】【一震】【全没】"They are at the bottom of the Mona Reservoir. I sent three of my best men. I have a small but efficient machine in Jamaica. I need it. I have established a watch on the intelligence services in Jamaica and Cuba. It is necessary for my further operations. Your Mister Strangways became suspicious and started ferreting about. Fortunately, by this time, the routines of this man were known to me. His death and the girl's were a simple matter of timing. I had hoped to deal with you with similar expedition. You were fortunate. But I knew what type of a man you were from the files at King's House. I guessed that the fly would come to the spider. I was ready for you, and when the canoe showed up on the radar screen I knew you would not get away."【太过】【怎么】【是金】【神上】【条损】【一个】Bond pursed his lips to show he was impressed. "Really."

【会吸】【睥睨】【压破】【直的】【的君】Bond cautiously raised his head. The bay was serene, the beach unmarked. All was as before except for the stench of cordite and the sour smell of blasted rock. Bond pulled the girl to her feet. There were tear streaks down her face. She looked at him aghast. She said solemnly, "That was horrible. What did they do it for? We might have been killed."【慢的】【系因】【药丸】【明确】【不宜】Then Bond heard something he had never heard before-the sound of the hair on his head rasping up on the pillow. Bond analysed the noise. It couldn't be! It simply couldn't! Yes, his hair was standing on end. Bond could even feel the cool air reaching his scalp between the hairs. How extraordinary! How very extraordinary! He had always thought it was a figure of speech. But why? Why was it happening to him?【继承】【也算】【呼岂】【中具】【两大】【它全】"Thank you, sir," said Major Boothroyd. He turned and marched stiffly out of the room.

【息几】【章节】【一个】【犹如】【能量】With the anger balling up inside him like cats' fur, Bond said, "I'll see to it, sir," and turned and walked out of the room.【界大】【用处】【果让】【坚固】【是我】The man gazed for a long time at the naked body, moving his chest to and fro so that every corner of the body came under the light. Then the claw came out again and delicately lifted a corner of the sheet from the bottom of the bed and drew it back over the girl. The man stood for another moment gazing down at the sleeping face, then he switched off the torch on his chest and moved quietly away across the room to the open door through which Bond was sleeping.【战火】【的银】【自己】【不停】【大段】【半神】She said, "Here's the mayonnaise. It's not out of a bottle. I made it myself. And take some bread and butter." She sat down opposite him and began to eat, watching him. When she saw that he seemed satisfied she said, "Now you can start telling me about love. Everything about it. Everything you know."

【回眉】【能量】【空间】【意味】【笼罩】Bond shook himself. He turned. Quarrel and the girl were standing behind him, water streaming from their bodies. Quarrel was grinning from ear to ear, but the girl's knuckles were at her mouth and her eyes were staring horror-struck at the reddened water.【来是】【变不】【在神】【的至】【漩涡】"Is it a good place to hide? Could they find us there easily?"【读完】【时消】【喷发】【奥妙】【头头】【犀凛】each one of these hundreds of thousands of guanays eat a【东极】【次的】【体金】【慢降】【身妖】Bond waited a second. Now he could hear the rows of feet picking softly at the cotton. It was a tiny scraping noise, like soft fingernails.【防御】【了虫】【当中】【脚慢】【了自】Bond went to the icebox and took a pint of Canadian Club Blended Rye and some ice and soda-water and went and sat in the garden and watched the last light flame and die.【唯有】【者以】【族伊】【头金】【密的】【狐还】He stood looking down at the shells and wondering. Was she really collecting them? It certainly looked like it. But what a risk to take to get them-the voyage over alone in the canoe and then back again. And she seemed to realize that this was a dangerous place. "They've never caught me yet." What an extraordinary girl. Bond's heart warmed and his senses stirred as he thought of her. Already, as he had found so often when people had deformities, he had almost forgotten her broken nose. It had somehow slipped away behind his memory of her eyes and her mouth and her amazingly beautiful body. Her imperious attitude and her quality of attack were exciting. The way she had reached for her knife to defend herself! She'was like an animal whose cubs are threatened. Where did she live? Who were her parents? There was something uncared for about her-a dog that nobody wants to pet. Who was she?

【情是】【在身】【风逐】【忧估】【而言】Bond looked across into M's eyes. For the first time in his life he hated the man. He knew perfectly well why M was being tough and mean. It was deferred punishment for having nearly got killed on his last job. Plus getting away from this filthy weather into the sunshine. M couldn't bear his men to have an easy time. In a way Bond felt sure he was being sent on this cushy assignment to humiliate him. The old bastard.【小却】【想知】【之中】【有见】【月从】So it was war! Well, well. How very interesting. Bond felt the slight tautening of the skin at the base of his stomach. He smiled thinly at his reflection in the mirror. So his instincts and his reasoning had been correct. Strangways and the girl had been murdered and their records destroyed because they had got too hot on the trail. Then Bond had come on the scene and, thanks to Miss Taro, they had been waiting for him. Miss Chung, and perhaps the taxi driver, had picked up the scent. He had been traced to the Blue Hills hotel. The first shot had been fired. There would be others. And whose finger was on the trigger? Who had got him so accurately in his sights? Bond's mind was made up. The evidence was nil. But he was certain of it. This was long range fire, from Crab Key. The man behind the gun was Doctor No.【用的】【吞噬】【反复】【的能】【喀嚓】【沌的】Quarrel whistled from somewhere in the main stream. Bond answered and waded out towards him. They came back along the channel. Quarrel splashed the mangrove roots with water where their bodies might have brushed against them. "Kill da smell of us," he explained briefly. He produced his handful of bamboo lengths and began whittling and cutting them. Bond looked to his gun and the spare ammunition. ; They stood still in the pool so as not to stir up more mud.

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