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【安于】Without bothering any further with them he walked decisively out of the room and they heard his footsteps go rapidly up a few stairs. A door opened and banged shut and there was silence.【本源】"You got yourself a good pal there," said the girl as they watched Leiter slam the door and heard the deep boom of the exhaust as he accelerated away on his long drive back into the desert.【有危】"Just his description and his name," said Vallance. "At least that's what we guess. I doubt if she even knows the man who contacted him. Cut-outs all along the line. Everybody does one job in a watertight compartment. Then, if there's a hole in the sock, it doesn't run."

【怒言】【霞儿】【更强】【当于】【无赖】There was a clang and two sharp cracks as they flashed past the Chevrolet. A handful of safety glass showered round Bond. Ernie Cureo swore and the car gave a swerve and then got back on its course.【看啊】The china eyes shifted away from his and inched reflectively over Bond's face and shoulders as if the hunchback was judging horseflesh. Then the man looked down at the circle of diamonds in front of him and carefully, thoughtfully, poked it into a square.【天的】Bond smiled at Leiter. "I'll watch out," he promised. "But don't forget I've somehow got to get another step down the pipeline. To the tap at the end of it. In fact, I've got to get right up close to your friend Mr Seraffimo Spang. I can't do that by just sending up my card. And I'll tell you something else, Felix." Bond's voice was deliberate. "I've suddenly taken against the brothers Spang. I didn't like those two men in hoods. The way the man hit that fat Negro. The boiling mud. I wouldn't have minded so much if he'd just beaten the jockey up-ordinary cops-and-robbers stuff. But that mud showed a nasty mind. And I took against Pissaro and Budd. I don't know what it is, but I've just taken against all of them." Bond's voice was apologetic. "Thought I ought to warn you."

【杀了】【人来】【全融】【毁灭】【老的】The driver, with Bond's clubs over his shoulder, waited for Bond beside the doors of an elevator across the hall. When Bond followed him inside, he pressed the button for the fourth floor and they rode up in silence. They emerged into another small hallway. It contained two chairs, a table, a large brass spittoon and a smell of stale heat.【巅峰】【一十】【的恶】【座偌】【的让】He was still playing with the problem when she appeared quietly in the doorway to the bedroom and stood with one elbow resting high up against the door-jamb and her head bent sideways on to her hand. She looked down at him reflectively.【顺着】【尊一】【成为】【间一】【半神】14 "WE DON'T LIKE MISTAKES"

【失出】【会插】【冥族】【色桥】【尊从】"I'M not going to sleep with you," said Tiffany Case in a matter-of-fact voice, "so don't waste your money getting me tight. But I'll have another and probably another one after that. I just don't want to drink your Vodka Martinis under false pretences."【快碎】【实黑】【古碑】【你自】【月状】"Mark you," said Leiter between mouthfuls of broiled lobster. "The dealer should have known better than get caught with his duke in the tambourine. They've got a good trick in these Vegas casinos. Take a look at the ceiling lights. Very modern. Just holes in the ceiling with the light beamed through on to the tables. They throw a very strong light with no sideways glare to upset the customers. Take another look and you'll see there's no light coming from the alternate holes. They just seem to be there to make a pattern." Leiter slowly shook his head from side to side. "Not so, my friend. Up on the floor above, there's a television camera on a dolly that moves around the floor taking an occasional peek through those empty holes. Kind of a spot-check on the play. If they're wondering about one of the dealers, or about one of the players, they'll take a picture of the whole of one session at that particular table and every damn card or throw will be watched by the guys sitting quietly upstairs. Smart, hn? These dumps are wired for everything except smell. But the dealers know it, and this guy just hoped the camera was looking somewhere else. Fatal error. Too bad."【吞噬】【了快】【道巨】【转身】【手段】The man rubbed his hands down the sides of his dirty khaki shorts and moved quickly round the bush to where the rear wheel of a battered motor-cycle protruded from its hiding place. Below the pillion, on either side, there were leather toolboxes. From one of these he extracted a small heavy package which he stowed inside his open shirt against the skin. From the other he took four cheap electric torches and went off with them to where, fifty yards from the big thorn bush, there was a clear patch of flat ground about the size of a tennis court. At three corners of the landing ground he screwed the butt end of a torch into the ground and switched it on. Then, the last torch alight in his hand, he took up his position at the fourth corner and waited.【灵盖】【出来】【更谨】【中是】【到黑】He pushed his way into the crowded bar.【一步】【失了】【的心】【四个】【件才】Bond turned his back on the table and moved off round the room, thinking of her, and occasionally glancing across at the straight, imperious little figure in the exciting Western uniform. Others obviously found her as attractive as Bond did, for soon there were eight men sitting at her table and others standing watching her.【这种】【易除】【直接】【的乌】【之力】"Be glad if you would." The driver turned to Bond. "This is it, bud. Let's get the bags out."

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