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【然定】【黑的】"HOW d'ya make out?"【行了】【小子】【下求】【想起】And then there were three hours when the plane hung dead-steady in the middle of the world, and only the patches of bright sunshine swaying slowly a few inches up and down the walls of the cabin gave a sense of motion. But at last there was the great sprawl of Boston below them, and then the bold pattern of a clover-leaf on the New Jersey Turnpike, and Bond's ears began to block with the slow descent towards the pall of haze that was the suburbs of New York. There was the hiss and sickly smell of the insecticide bomb, the shrill hydraulic whine of the air-brakes and the landing-wheels being lowered, the dip of the plane's nose, the tearing bump of the tyres on the runway, the ugly roar as the screws were reversed to slow the plane for the entrance bay, the rumbling progress over the tired grass plain towards the tarmac apron, the clang of the hatch being opened, and they were there.【之内】



【不错】【让人】"Wait." The thick whisper coming through the cracked lips sounded strange to him. Perhaps she hadn't understood. "Wait," he said again, and his mind started exploring his body to see what was left of it. He could feel his feet and his hands. He could move his head from side to side. He could see the bars of moonlight on the floor. He had been able to hear her. It ought to be all right, but he just didn't want to move. His will-power had gone. He just wanted to sleep. Or even to die. Anything to lessen the pain that was in him and all over him, stabbing, hammering, grinding him-and to kill the memory of the four boots thudding into him, and the grunts coming from the two hooded figures.【子还】【带惊】【古鬼】【平面】And three hours later two American businessmen were dropped at the dockside by a black sedan and were just in time to get through Immigration and customs and up the gangway before the loudspeakers began calling for all visitors to leave the ship please.【时候】【这样】【常危】"Shy Smile didn't pay off."【着彻】【深处】【级广】【间一】Bond sat silent, gathering his strength and his courage. It would be a waste of time to argue with Mr Spang or to try to escape, fifty miles out in the desert. He had got out of worse jams. So long as they didn't intend to kill him yet. So long as he gave nothing away. There was Ernie Cureo and there was Felix Leiter. There might just possibly be Tiffany Case. He looked across at her. Her head was bent. She was looking carefully at her fingernails.【之力】【的股】【就算】The operative words in the memorandum were 'dangerous contact'. What constituted 'dangerous contact' would be a matter for Bond to decide. Compared with some of the opposition he had been up against, these hoodlums surely wouldn't count for much. Or would they? -Bond suddenly remembered the chunky, quartz-like face of Rufus B. Saye. Well, at any rate it could do no harm to try and get a look at this brother with the exotic name. Seraffimo. The name of a night-club waiter or an ice-cream vendor. But these people were like that. Cheap and theatrical.【体金】【楚地】【意外】【直接】Bond obediently put a quarter into the slot and bent over so that his nose and mouth were enclosed in a wide black rubber mouthpiece. He pressed a button and, as instructed, breathed in and out slowly for a full minute. It was just like breathing very cold air-no taste, no smell. At the end of the minute there was a click from the machine and Bond straightened himself. He felt nothing but a slight dizziness, but later he recognized that there had been carelessness in the ironical grin he gave to a man with a leather shaving kit under his arm who had been standing watching him.【一道】

【夺人】【北下】22 LOVE AND SAUCE BEARNAISE【向着】【相当】【面八】【万艘】And now, as it slowly sucked the morsels of beetle-flesh off its feeding pincers, the signal for the scorpion's own death sounded from far away on the eastern horizon, audible to a human, but made up of vibrations which were far outside the range of the scorpion's sensory system.【似的】【一秒】【估计】She still asked no questions when Bond collected her clothes from the floor of the cabin and gave them to her and told her not to come out until he was ready and to clean up everything and wipe every object she had touched to kill the fingerprints.【把他】【便多】【转鲲】【还原】THE scene in the big gambling room had changed. It was much quieter. The orchestra had gone, and so had the droves of women, and there were only a few players at the tables. There were two or three 'shills' at the roulette, attractive girls in smart evening dresses who had been given fifty dollars with which to warm up the dead tables, and there was a very drunk man clinging on to the high surrounding wall of one of the crap tables and shouting exhortations to the dice.【是一】【舰太】【将佛】Leiter's eyes narrowed. He gave a low whistle of surprise.【枯骨】【太晚】【力已】【过空】He didn't watch her, and his eyes continued to flicker between the man on the chair and the man on the bed.【过程】【陆的】【百十】Mousetrap School' he thought it might be called, whose main【过在】【好克】【根本】【狠的】AND THE SAGAMORE-FOR GRACIOUS LIVING【无法】【以冥】【空环】Even as he somehow dived cleanly through the three-foot circle he was wondering what he would hit, and his left arm protected his head as his right went to his gun.【乎是】【了烤】【大帝】【射出】"Yes."【佛祖】

【力如】【焰正】And after a while his other hand went to the zip fastener at the back of her dress and without moving away from him she stepped out of her dress and panted between their kisses. "I want it all, James. Everything you've ever done to a girl. Now. Quickly."【真是】【尊揭】【剥夺】【年没】

'Crack. Crack. Crack.' Now he could hear the gun above the rear of the engine. Something sang sharply in his ear.【一片】【张口】【方银】"Hey, Boxer," he said to the man with the cauliflower ear, "Mabel says she can't get on to the delicatessen to order your chow. Phone's busted. Line down or, sumpn."【力疯】【它们】【的脸】【算是】After another pause in the middle of the room, he took Kidd's tuxedo down from its hook and dressed the corpse of Kidd in it. Then he dragged the man across the floor to the porthole and, sweating with the effort, heaved him up into the porthole and pushed him through.【界的】

【般结】【台机】This is an order.【身现】【残留】【是比】【盛宴】What was her first name? Bond got up again and walked over to the gramophone. There was a Pan-American Airways label attached to the grip. It said Miss T. Case. T? Bond walked back to his chair. Teresa? Tess? Thelma? Trudy? Tilly? None of them seemed to fit. Surely not Trixie, or Tony or Tommy.【都有】【要攻】【的其】"We're doin' all right so far," said Felix Leiter. "Be at Beatty in ten minutes, then we'll get on to 58 and be over the line in half an hour. Then there's a long ride through Death Valley and over the mountains down to Olancha where we hit No6. We could stop there and get James to a doc and do some eating and cleaning up. Then just stay on 6 until we get to LA. It'll be a hell of a drive, but we should make LA by lunchtime. Then we can relax a bit and think again. My guess is that we oughta get you and James out of the country pretty quick. The boys'll try and fix all kinds of phoney raps on you both, and once you're located I wouldn't give a nickel for either of you. Best chance would be to get you both on a plane to New York tonight and off to England tomorrow. James can take it from there."【此要】【身前】【实力】【这白】"How do you know all this about Shy Smile?"【喜您】

【味险】【有古】A step in front of the other three stood the leading citizen of Spectreville, resplendent, motionless, dominant.【念动】【恐怖】【秘境】【觉的】Bond waved the messenger to a chair and sat down at the writing desk opposite the window.【道脑】【您自】【徐徐】M pulled out his pipe and started to fill it. "And now you know as much about diamonds as I do."【备无】【周围】【的碎】【很好】"I'll take the stake," said Bond. "And thanks for the ride."【发生】

【蕴涵】【陆的】"Yes."【波纹】【滚滚】【尾小】【在惊】After a time he pulled the knife out of his shirt. He didn't look at it, but reached up and drew the curtain aside and threw the knife far out into the blackness. Then, still looking out into the quiet night, he put up the safe of the Beretta and, with a hand that suddenly seemed as heavy as lead, slowly thrust the gun back into the waistband of his trousers.【封锁】【可挡】【神连】Leiter promised to say nothing about the ringer. Shy Smile must win the race but be disqualified. This could be achieved if, in the final sprint, the jockey interfered with the running of the horse closest to him so that it could be shown that he had prevented this other horse from being the winner. Then there would be an objection, which had to be upheld. It would be easy for Bell, at the last corner before the run in, to do this in such a way that he could argue to his employers that it had just been a bit of over-keen riding, that another horse had crowded him over to the left, that his horse had stumbled. There was no conceivable reason why he should not wish to win (Pissaro had promised him an extra 00 if he did) and it was just one of those strokes of bad luck that happen in racing. And Leiter would now give Tingaling 00 and there would be another 0o"for him if he did what he was told.【也算】【起的】【须趁】【天了】"Do you mind if I smoke?" he said, taking out his case and putting a cigarette in his mouth.【股震】



【强悍】【反倒】behind his head.【小存】【你好】【胁统】【没有】It was a straight stretch of road with not much traffic about. The distant tops of the mountains were yellow in the setting sun and the street was beginning to get blue with the fifteen minutes of dusk when you can't make up your mind whether to switch on your lights.【近一】【备攻】【被动】The soft voice droned on in the dead silence. Slowly the arm came up. Higher, higher.【纷扔】【追风】【一动】【就好】Bond laughed and dodged the question. "Come on, you crooked spy," he said. "You can buy me a drink and tell me all about it. I just don't believe in odds as long as this. In fact, you can buy me lunch. You Texans are lousy with money."【缓缓】