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【闪冲】【势力】"Your check is paid at the Tiara. After the game, hang around and wait for further instructions. Got that? Repeat."【碎因】【凶地】【己的】【得格】"There's a low-slung car with a spotlight coming after us fast," said Bond. "Could be the Jag. About two blocks away now." He stamped on the accelerator and the cab hissed through the deserted side street.【点风】

【高于】【样直】THE black frogman's suit fitted tightly. It hurt everywhere. Why the hell hadn't Strangways made certain the Admiralty got his measurements right? And it was very dark under the sea and the currents were strong, pulling him against the coral. He would have to swim hard against them. But now something had got him by the arm: What the hell…?【万瞳】【方之】【任何】【作为】"No, no, no, no, no."【水嘀】

【阶台】【趋势】And three hours later two American businessmen were dropped at the dockside by a black sedan and were just in time to get through Immigration and customs and up the gangway before the loudspeakers began calling for all visitors to leave the ship please.【有在】【阴沉】【伤心】【这一】Twenty minutes after he had sat down, Bond was able to order a dozen cherrystone clams and a steak, and, since he expected a further long pause, a second Vodka dry Martini. "The wine waiter will be right over," said the waitress primly and disappeared in the direction of the kitchen.【整个】【黑暗】【祖真】"Doesn't worry me," said Bond dryly. "You weren't one of the girls."【松了】【大灵】【意收】【着千】"Betcha life!" said Leiter. "All the ad. men in the world couldn't have dreamed it up. It made the wishing-well dream come true-and you wait till you see them wishing in those casinos. In just one of them, they use up eighty pairs of dice every twenty-four hours, a hundred and twenty packs of plastic cards, fifty slot machines go to the garage every day at dawn. And wait till you see the little old ladies in gloves working those slots. They have shopping baskets to carry their nickels and dimes and quarters. They work those slots ten, twenty hours a day without going to the rest-room. You don't believe me? You know why they wear those gloves? To stop their hands bleeding."【器人】

【道他】【了战】There was a smack as his fist was caught in the other man's left hand, and, at the same time as the contact telegraphed to Bond's mind that there could have been no gun, there came the well-remembered laugh and the lazy voice saying: "No good, James. The angels have got you."【晋升】【色河】【带一】【经无】15 RUE DE LA PAY【尊在】

【有听】【到了】FIVE MILES TO SARATOGA SPRINGS,【息一】【就是】【以把】【数百】"Them stewards is a heap of obscenity," said Tingaling sourly. "Why would I want to ride across Tommy Lucky? One of my best pals. And why would I need to? The race was sewn up. Hey, you black bastard," he put out his foot to trip up the Negro, who was passing with a pail of mud, "you got to get six ounces off me. Just had me a plate of French fries. On top of that they've given me a heap of lead to carry in the Oakridge tomorrow."【因为】

【而上】【蛤露】As Bond finished speaking, the next number was knocked down for ?90 to a pretty, excited girl who was obviously being staked by her companion, a grey-haired, fresh-cornplexioned man who looked a caricature of an Esquire sugar-daddy.【分当】【瞳虫】【疯狂】【颤动】"Get up."【族可】

【世界】【一蹦】There was a medium dry Martini with a piece of lemon peel waiting for him. Bond smiled at Leiter's memory and tasted it. It was excellent, but he didn't recognize the Vermouth.【不死】【他还】【老祖】【中召】Bond looked once and then turned away towards the open porthole.【咒语】

【好多】【一种】A handbell clanged sharply. There was an electric smell in the air, and a muting of the noise of the crowds. Then down thundered the ragged charging line towards the grandstand and past and away in a scud of hooves and flying eardi and tanbark. There was a glimpse of sharp, pale faces half-hidden by goggles, a stream of pounding shoulders and hindquarters, a flash of wild white eyes and a confusion of numbers amongst which Bond caught only the vital Noio well to the fore and close in to the rails. And then the dust was settling and the brown-black mass was at the first corner and slowly streaming round the bottom straight and Bond felt the glasses slip in the sweat round his eyes.【之中】【自己】【探自】【拉的】22 LOVE AND SAUCE BEARNAISE【桥十】

【里释】【几句】Once more, thought Bond. But not this turn.【乎受】【芒刹】【我求】【量那】And the operator looked up Winter in the passenger list and put the message in an envelope and sent it down to a cabin on A deck, the deck below Bond and the girl, where two men were playing gin-rummy in their shirt-sleeves, and as the steward left the cabin he heard the fat man say cryptically to the man with white hair, "Whaddya know, Booful! It's twenty Grand for a rub these days, Boy-oh-boy!"【或是】

【波纹】【地方】Bond stood up and away from the window-sill. He smiled down and into the flashing grey eyes that were now dark with impatience. " 'I can do anything better than you can.' Don't worry. I'll be a credit to you. But just relax and stop being so business-like for a minute. I'd like to see you again. Could we meet in New York if everything goes all right?" Bond felt treacherous as he said the words. He liked this girl. He wanted to make friends with her. But it would be a question of using ' friendship to get further up the pipeline.【黑暗】【有见】【而沉】【然变】"Eighty," said someone.【红色】

【们佛】【蛤露】"No, Sir," said Sergeant Dankwaerts stolidly.【都是】【变若】【直直】【处看】With her hand on the knob of the open door, she turned and looked at him, and the sultry glow was back in her eyes.【也怕】

【了两】【的而】There was an angry grunt and Bond heard the woodwork creak as the heavy man walked back down the Pullman.【非常】【本事】【的男】【去找】"Keep goin'," said Ernie Cureo. "We gotta hide up some place and let them lose us. Tell ya what. There's a 'Passion Pit" just where this comes out on 95. Drive-in movie. Here we come. Slow. Sharp right. See those lights. Get in there quick. Right. Straight over the sand and between those cars. Off lights. Easy. Stop."【力恐】【半神】【便大】10 STUDILLAC TO SARATOGA【至尊】【亡而】【竟然】【伯爵】"Ulcers?" asked Bond sympathetically.【比的】

【那里】【弹爆】And now she was cradling his head against her and talking softly to him and wiping the sweat off his face with the corner of her shirt.【越稀】【核心】【不时】【仓促】"They're those calluses on the inside of a horse's knees. The English call them 'chestnuts'. Seems they're different on every horse. Like a man's fingerprints. But it'll be the same old story. They'll photo the night eyes on every racehorse in America and then find the gangs have dreamed up a way of altering them with acid. The cops never catch up with the robbers."【直接】

【暗我】【不敢】"Twelve," said the man. "Got ya ticket?"【骨目】【贝贝】【知道】【停向】"Ever heard of 'The House of Diamonds'?"【哪个】

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