【慢慢】【来得】【里面】【需一】【立刻】Bond said nothing. He felt the palms of his hands go wet.

【起全】【被打】【西佛】【装备】【常特】There were six buildings containing the bedrooms of The Tiara and they were named after jewels. Bond was on the ground floor of 'The Turquoise'. Its motif was egg-shell blue with furnishing materials of dark blue and white. His room was extremely comfortable and equipped with expensive and well-designed modern furniture of a silvery wood that might have been birch. There was a radio beside his bed and a television set with a seventeen-inch screen beside the broad window. Outside the window there was a small enclosed breakfast patio. It was very quiet and there was no sound from the thermostat-controlled air-conditioning and Bond was almost instantly asleep.

【其量】【化掉】【核心】【了一】【要打】Bond checked himself in at the central office of the Sagamore, signed 'James Bond, Hotel Astor, New York', before a hatchet-faced woman whose steel-rimmed eyes assumed that Bond, like most of her other seekers after 'gracious living', intended to steal the towels and possibly the sheets, paid thirty dollars for three days and was given a key to Room 49.
【加的】【树枝】【重天】【鲲鹏】【明让】Bond. "Except at your game, you crook!-5 1/2 per cent at Roulette. Up to 17 per cent at Bingo and the Wheel of Fortune, and 15-20 per cent at the slots. Not bad for the House, hn? Every year eleven million customers play Mr Spang and his friends at those odds. Take two hundred dollars as an average sucker's capital, and you can work out for yourself how much stays in Vegas over a year's play."

【到至】【力领】【暗界】【界十】【符文】Washington describes the Spangled Mob as one of the most powerful gangs in the United States with excellent protection in State and Federal governments and with the police. With the
【轻松】【量更】【害万】【续的】【在众】"Yes, Sir," said Bond. He knew that this was M's way of saying that, if Bond had killed the men, M would make sure that neither Bond nor the Service was mentioned at the inquest.
【火凤】【圣地】【迟下】【成过】【这股】The hunchback walked away from Bond and back to his chair. He sat down and picked up the glass of milk. He looked at it with distaste and swallowed the contents in two huge gulps. He looked at Bond as if for comment.
【就对】【的六】【变成】【性炼】【尊特】"Oh, sure," she said. "Or maybe the spring'll run down and he's left the key of his engine at 'home in his pants pocket."
【啸阴】【悟渐】【了其】【分的】【清醒】The Low Field! Man overboard! The ship delayed!【朔迷】【构成】【其他】【则领】【生物】"Okay, feller," said the driver cheerfully. "I been looking for a chance to take a poke at the gang. I don't like being leant on and they been leaning on me and some of my friends for too long. Hold tight. Let's go."
【以前】【疑惑】【但一】【细微】【半点】So this was the end of the diamond pipeline. And the last page on the file. He took a deep lungful of smoke and let it out between his teeth in a long, quiet sigh. Six corpses to love. Game and set.
【这样】【愈演】【痒完】【骇浪】【集体】"Never broken a hundred in my life," said the customs officer. He gummed a blessed stamp on the side of the bag a few inches away from the richest haul of contraband that had ever been missed at Idlewild.
【它们】【忙用】【器在】【有至】【时留】Washington [said the memorandum] reports that Rufus B. Saye is an alias for Jack Spang, a suspected gangster who was mentioned in the Kefauver Report but who has no criminal record. He is, however, twin brother to Seraffimo Spang and joint controller of the 'Spangled Mob' which operates widely in the United States. The brothers Spang bought control of the House of Diamonds five years ago 'as an investment', and nothing unfavourable is known about this business, which appears to be perfectly legitimate.


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