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【金属】【他在】"M," said Bond as she looked up. "And Bill says it looks like a job. So don't think you're going to have the pleasure of shovelling that lot into my in-tray. You can post it off to the Daily Express for all I care." He grinned at her. "Isn't that chap Sefton Delmer a boy friend of yours, Lil? Just the stuff for him, I expect."【来小】【没有】【力更】【竟然】Bond examined the Swiss watches in his shop window and then turned and sauntered on. After a few yards he stopped again. Still nothing. He went on and turned right into the Avenue of the Americas, stopping in the first doorway, the entrance to a women's underwear store where a man in a tan suit with his back to him was examining the black lace pants on a particularly realistic dummy. Bond turned and leant against a pillar and gazed lazily but watchfully out into the street.【某种】

【声说】【召唤】There was nothing in the frowzy cabin but a folded towel from which constant washing had removed all the nap. Bond undressed and tied the towel round his waist. He folded the bulky packet of notes and stuffed them into the breast pocket of his coat under his handkerchief. He hoped it would be the last place that a petty thief would look in a quick search. He hung up his gun in the shoulder holster on a prominent hook and walked out and locked the door behind him.【碑的】【柱从】【被击】【对于】"I see," said Bond respectfully, wondering how the hell he could get the ABC telephone number out of her. "They certainly seem to think of everything."【仙尊】

【道继】【佛土】Bond took her to her cabin and then went on to his and had a 'Hot Salt' bath followed by a 'Cold Domestic' shower. Then he lay on his bed and smiled to himself over some of the things she had said, and thought of her lying in her bath looking at the forest of bath-taps and thinking how crazy the English were.【真切】【这蜈】【殿堂】【就飞】The wheel whirred again and the two pairs of eyes bent to watch it.【央那】【去大】【的消】Bond smiled blandly at him as the wheel whirred and there was the whizz of the little ball as it set off on its journey.【至超】【较特】【么共】【情直】"Four hundred," squealed the pink woman.【下一】

【悟了】【大约】He took out the jeweller's glass and tried to think of something appropriate to say.【让突】【其中】【太古】【是不】"Come on," said Bond, half stumbling, half running back to where the rusty switch stuck up beside the rails. "We're going to put The Cannoriball on to the branch line."【千紫】

【地声】【了变】While Bond paid for his haircut he heard the kneeling girl say plaintively: "It weren't my fault, Mister Lucian. He was nervous today. His hands were trembling. Honest they were. Ain't never seen him like that before. Tension, sort of."【坛升】【就烹】【黑暗】【重地】8 THE EYE THAT NEVER SLEEPS【都有】

【想到】【开对】There was silence at the other end. Then, "Okay, we start again. I'll wire you a Grand, the Grand you won off of me. Remember?"【而后】【强者】【自说】【不成】Bond knew he was for it and part of his mind slowly digested the knowledge, wondering how it was going to be done. But at the same time another part told him that he had discovered what he wanted to know, what he had come to America to find out. The two Spangs did represent the beginning and the end of the diamond pipeline. At this moment, he had completed the job he had set out to do. He knew the answers. Now, somehow, he must get the answers back to M.【的灵】

【星辰】【古跨】Bond slowly took his feet off the trigger-pedals and sat back in the iron saddle. Automatically, with his eyes still on the leaping flames, his hands felt in the pockets of the faded khaki bush-shirt, borrowed from the Garrison CO, for his lighter and cigarettes, and he took out a cigarette and lit it and put the things back in his pockets.【的边】【科技】【障在】【接管】"He's daft," said the driver. "He's crazy about the Old West. Bought himself a whole ghost town way out on Highway 95. He's shored the place up-wooden sidewalks, a fancy saloon, clapboard hotel where he rooms the boys, even the old railroad station. Way back in '05 or thereabouts, this dump-Spectreville it's called seeing how it's right alongside the Spectre range-was a rarin' silver camp. For around three years they dug millions out of those mountains and a spur line took the stuff into Rhyolite, mebbe fifty miles away. That's another famous ghost town.【挡住】

【章鹏】【便一】There was a page of blue typewritten foolscap paper with no address and no signature. Bond recognized the extra-large type used in M's personal communications.【的一】【据几】【失了】【佛祖】Bond smiled into her eyes, "Don't be a goose, Tiffany," he said, using her name for the first time. "I've been longing for this evening. And I'm going to have just the same as you. And I've got plenty of money for the check. Mr Tree tossed me double or quits for five hundred dollars this morning, and I won."【的瓶】

【者哪】【想因】She turned brusquely round and faced him. "How mean can you be?" she said and angry tears glistened on her eyelashes. "Why do you have to spoil everything with an abrasive remark like that? Oh, James," forlornly she turned to the windows, searching for a handkerchief in her bag. She dabbed her eyes. "You just don't understand."【多少】【横的】【隐瞒】【黑暗】"There must have been lots of others."【虫神】

【方式】【了了】"Well, the diamonds certainly come from Africa." Vallance's eyes were opaque. "Probably not the union mines. More likely the big leak out of Sierra Leone our friend Sillitoe's been looking for. Then the stones may get out through Liberia, or more likely French Guinea. Then perhaps into France. And since this packet's turned up in London, presumably London's part of the pipeline too."【军舰】【也是】【光辉】【以抵】The joint favourites, Noi, Mr C. V. Whitney's Come Again, and No3, Mr William Woodward's Pray Action, were both forecast at six to four on. Mr P. Pissaro's Shy Smile, trainer R. Budd, jockey T. Bell, was forecast at 15 to i, the bottom horse in the betting. His number was 10.【被击】

【战斗】【上前】But, as first Tiffany Case and then James Bond went into the mouth of the gangway, a dockhand from Anastasia's Longshoreman's union had walked swiftly to a phone booth in the customs shed.【看不】【便是】【者迅】【力液】Washington [said the memorandum] reports that Rufus B. Saye is an alias for Jack Spang, a suspected gangster who was mentioned in the Kefauver Report but who has no criminal record. He is, however, twin brother to Seraffimo Spang and joint controller of the 'Spangled Mob' which operates widely in the United States. The brothers Spang bought control of the House of Diamonds five years ago 'as an investment', and nothing unfavourable is known about this business, which appears to be perfectly legitimate.【到了】

【威力】【暂时】She frowned. "I'm always telling them to find me a man with a wooden leg. Well, have you got any hobbies or anything? Any ideas about where you're going to carry the stones?"【己来】【千紫】【忘记】【骨处】The wide doors at the far end of the room had opened and a stream of people were milling into the gambling room from the dinner revue. Soon they would be round the tables. This was his last play. After this he must get up from the table and leave her. She was looking at him impatiently. He picked up the two cards that she had given him. Twenty. And she also turned up two tens. Bond smiled at the refinement. She quickly dealt him two more cards just as three more players came up to the table and hitched themselves up on the stools. He had nineteen and she had sixteen.【力量】【从太】【战他】An attendant came up, a pretty girl, dressed as a pageboy, with a tray slung round her neck. "That'll be a dollar," she said, glancing into the car to see there was not a third customer on the floor of the cab. She had pick-ups coiled over her right arm and she took one off, plugged it into the nearest standard and hung the small speaker through the window on Bond's side. The huge man and woman on the screen started talking heatedly.【夺目】【前的】【这种】【杀无】"Hell," said Bond indignantly. "It's just another job. I've got to earn some money."【力量】

【一个】【有三】"London tells me you have killed a man. I believe them. I can see you are capable of it. Would you like to do more work for us?"【让非】【之处】【独对】【股伤】BOND had lunch in the air-conditioned 'Sunburst Room' beside the big kidney-shaped swimming pool (LIFESAVER: BOBBY BILBO-POOL SCOURED DAILY BY HYDRO JET, said a sign) and having decided that only about one per cent of the customers were fit to wear bathing suits, walked very slowly through the heat across the twenty yards of baked lawn that separated his building from the central establishment, took off his clothes and threw himself naked on his bed.【过有】

【亡走】【无界】Now what the hell? All the beauty and heat and excitement of passionate love were pushed roughly away as he turned on the lights, slipped out of bed and, shaking his head to clear it, took the two steps into the shower.【似乎】【在这】【啸阴】【乌云】Before he left the gramophone he pulled the blotter softly from under it and held it up to the standard lamp beside the writing-desk. He held it sideways under the light and glanced along it. It was unmarked. He shrugged his shoulders and slipped it back under the machine and walked back to his chair.【狻猊】

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