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【托特】【怖这】【舰立】【是一】【世界】Sluggsy laughed. He leaned over and patted my behind. "Go ahead, baby. First thing after a beat-up, everyone vomits. Then clean yourself up nice and put on a nice new outfit and come on over. Those eggs got spoiled with you running off like that. No tricks! Though I guess you ain't got stomach for any more. I'll be watching the cabin from the back door. Now don't take on, baby. No blood. Hardly a bruise. Horror's got a nice touch with the dames. You're sure lucky. He's a hippy guy. If he'd of been real mad, we'd be digging a hole for you right now. Count your blessings, baby. Be seein' ya."【善意】【刀映】【自己】

【了在】【喷出】【过迅】【胆子】【无冕】There was no one to be seen, no movement except the flames at which the wind tugged intermittently to keep the blaze alive. Now some of the bordering trees behind the cabins were almost catching and sparks were blowing from their drying branches away into the darkness. If it hadn't been for the storm, surely a forest fire would have been started and then the coshed girl with her broken lamp would indeed have left her mark on the United States of America! How far would it have gone with the wind to help it? Ten miles? Twenty? How many trees and birds and animals would the little dead girl from Quebec have destroyed?【阵威】【对自】【其中】
【暗界】【码有】【美好】【舰甚】【面肯】"Don't thank me, Miss Michel." The Captain's eyes twinkled frostily. "It was your English friend, Commander Bond, who suggested it"-he paused-"among other things."【极限】【芒笼】【速度】  
-【似火】【方都】【果在】【就没】【回应】I suppose he meant this was gangster, jailbird language. The thin man certainly thought so. He looked startled, but now he had conquered his anger and he just said, "Okay, wise guy. I've got the photo. You gumshoes are all the same-looking for dirt where there ain't none. Now, where in hell's that pal of mine? C'mon. Let's hit the sack."【们立】【的神】【丝却】
-【道车】【一望】【就算】【经被】【深深】Mrs. Phancey said that motels had no defense against this sort of attack. Everything was screwed down that could be screwed down, and marked with the name of the motel. The only hope was to smell the marauders when they registered and then either turn them away or sit up all night with a shotgun. In cities, motels had other problems-prostitutes who set up shop, murderers who left corpses in the shower, and occasional holdups for the money in the cash register. But I was not to worry. Just call for Jed if I smelled trouble. He could act real tough and he had a gun. And, with this cold comfort, I was left to ponder on the darker side of the motel industry.【向着】【露了】【回意】
-【哼等】【点亦】【想死】【的海】【果然】Sluggsy's face showed bravado, but also obedience. "Have a heart, pal! I want a piece of this baby. But now!" But he pulled out a chair and sat down, and I moved quickly away.【跃在】【佛影】【努力】
-【所以】【道黑】【放出】【下面】【出规】Part One: Me One: Scaredy Cat【中招】【身体】【是无】
-【如从】【佛珠】【正向】【机会】【化为】James Bond paused. He rubbed a hand down over his face. It was a gesture that was either to clear his mind's eye or to try and wipe some memory away from it. Then he lit another cigarette and went on.【是存】【一支】【光力】

【必须】【是金】【给伤】【吧丝】【些人】Sluggsy laughed. "Tomorrow's tomorrow. What you got to worry about's tonight, baby." He turned to the thin man. "Mebbe you better wise her up, Horror. Then mebbe we'll get some cooperation."【块是】【边享】【间禁】
【就被】【强悍】【不高】【种很】【避开】"I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything."【天牛】【的金】【状通】
【管大】【其中】【上出】【就不】【冥河】"Oh, that!" his voice was contemptuous. "We got away with it, didn't we? Come on. Be a sport!"【太古】【是陨】【的朝】
【需一】【主脑】【三分】【实力】【掉了】Thirteen: The Crash of Guns【药养】【定的】【山风】
【概在】【切磋】【全空】【这里】【碑关】TO MY READERS【定岗】【现在】【啊对】

【是绕】【多直】【世界】【暗科】【到足】Soon after we started making regular love, Kurt had steered me toward a reliable woman doctor who gave me a homely lecture about contraception and fixed me up. But she warned that even these precautions could go wrong. And they did. At first, hoping for the best, I said nothing to Kurt, but then, from many motives-not wanting to carry the secret alone, the faint hope that he might be pleased and ask me to marry him, and a genuine fear about my condition-I told him. I had no idea what his reaction might be, but of course I expected tenderness, sympathy, and at least a show of love. We were standing by the door of my bedroom, preparatory to saying good night. I hadn't a stitch of clothes on, while he was fully dressed. When 1 had finished telling him, he quietly disengaged my arms from round his neck, looked my body up and down with what I can only call a mixture of anger and contempt, and reached for the door handle. Then he looked me coldly in the eyes, said very softly, "So?" and walked out of the room and shut the door quietly behind him.【仇现】【广阔】【上演】
【人恭】【说成】【的乌】【尊九】【的称】The months passed, and gradually the tone and frequency of Trude's letters began to change. It was I who noticed it first, but I said nothing. There were more frequent and sharper complaints about the length of the waiting period, the tender passages became more perfunctory, and the pleasures of a summer holiday on the Tegernsee, where Trude had met up with a "happy group," after a first ecstatic description, were, significantly, I thought, not mentioned again. And then, after three weeks of silence from Trude, Kurt came up to my rooms one evening, his face pale and wet with tears. I was lying on the sofa, reading, and he fell on his knees beside me and buried his head on my breast. It was all over, he said between sobs. She had met another man, at the Tegernsee of course, a doctor from Munich, a widower. He had proposed to her and she had accepted. It had been love at first sight. Kurt must understand that such a thing only happened once in a girl's lifetime. He must forgive her and forget her. She was not good enough for him. (Ah! That shabby phrase again!) They must remain honorable friends. The marriage was to take place next month. Kurt must try and wish her well. Farewell, your abject Trude.【盗头】【根本】【种文】