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【的话】【最后】【刺目】【们也】【以上】The man smiled broadly. Slowly, lovingly, he lifted the gun and shot her three times in and around the left breast.【作了】【水晶】【切他】【出铿】【但它】Bond said seriously, "You're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen."【只在】【恐怖】【的斩】【央那】【浅层】【为一】"Could have been," said Bond carefully, not wanting to say anything against Strangways, but remembering the dashing good looks. "But what's happened to them, sir?"






【来的】【连医】【道佛】【尾小】【然道】Bond watched the eyes of the binoculars begin with the headland and then sweep the sand. The twin eyes paused among the rocks and moved on. They came back. The murmur of comment rose to a jabber. The man handed the glasses to the machine gunner who took a quick glance through them and gave them back. The scanner shouted something to the helmsman. The cabin cruiser stopped and backed up. Now she lay outside the reef exactly opposite Bond and the girl. The scanner again levelled the binoculars at the rocks where the girl's canoe lay hidden. Again the excited jabber came across the water. Again the glasses were passed to the machine gunner who glanced through. This time he nodded decisively.【的银】【寻下】【躯身】【斯金】【的金】"She was a darling." It was a flat statement. "I thought I'd die when she did. It wasn't such fun after that: Before, I'd led a child's life; then I suddenly had to grow up and do everything for myself. And men tried to catch me and hurt me. They said they wanted to make love to me." She paused. "I used to be pretty then."【此紧】【空间】【廊双】【援是】【切生】【会群】"There's nothing to leave out. You could get my whole life on to the back of a postcard. To begin with I've never been out of Jamaica. I've lived all my life at a place called Beau Desert on the North Coast near Morgan's Harbour."








【没有】【两大】【古气】【觉得】【的是】WXN… WXN… WXN…'【与比】【这玩】【空如】【一块】【此行】M pressed a button on his desk. "I'll get the Chief of Staff in on this," he said. "I know the bones of the case, but he can fill in the flesh. It's a drab little story, I'm afraid."【上从】【问道】【动作】【量从】【的尖】【则变】The grip on Bond's shoulder was urgent. He was instantly on his feet.




【击结】【的想】【忌惮】【在眼】【族全】"The man's got up. He's stopped firing. They're all looking after us-a whole crowd of them. Wait, there's something else. The dogs are coming! There's no one with them. They're just tearing down the track after us. Will they catch us?"【身时】【危险】【捉到】【本魔】【做到】She said reluctantly, "Well, if you think… I mean-I'd rather get clean first." She added quickly, "But you've got to help me." She jerked her head towards the bathroom door.【不一】【层次】【动醉】【人具】【次张】【而且】Bond said, "You wouldn't be able to keep all of that. You'd have to have a sort of manager to get the men, and then you'd have to bribe the police to leave you alone. And you could easily go to prison if something went wrong. I really don't think you'd like the work. I'll tell you what, with all you know about animals and insects and so on you could get a wonderful job looking after them in one of the American zoos. Or what about the Jamaica Institute? I'm sure you'd like that better. You'd be just as likely to meet a nice husband. Anyway you mustn't think of being a call girl any more. You've got a beautiful body. You must keep it for the men you love."




【复身】【似有】【足以】【秘商】【来到】Now he was ready. One, two, three…【在全】【的主】【是轮】【对方】【古佛】Bond cocked an eyebrow at Quarrel.【剩余】【魇的】【紫出】【死了】【势比】【光束】The second man had been waiting at the entrance to the little channel. The first man came out. He shook his head and they went on downstream, the dogs, now less excited, streaming ahead.