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【自言】【孽小】He looked up again into the tense, hard face. "I just don't like being leant on," he said easily. "I did my job and got paid. If I chose to gamble with the money, that was my affair. I could have lost. And then a lot of your men started breathing down my neck and I got impatient. If you wanted to talk to me, why didn't you just call me on the telephone? Putting that tail on was unfriendly. And when they got rude and started shooting I thought it was time to do some leaning of my own."【你好】【息相】【它如】【多直】"They were the two killers from the gang, Sir. Travelling as Winter and Kitteridge. My steward told me they were supposed to have had a row over cards."【上但】



【引起】【算是】"It sounds possible, Sir."【臂举】【人合】【云大】【等等】'Crack. Crack. Crack.' Now he could hear the gun above the rear of the engine. Something sang sharply in his ear.【能凿】【单一】【越得】"Ain't seen him," said the barman. "Mostly comes in after the first show. Around eleven. You know him?"【竟然】【的他】【空拦】【乃是】"There's a low-slung car with a spotlight coming after us fast," said Bond. "Could be the Jag. About two blocks away now." He stamped on the accelerator and the cab hissed through the deserted side street.【万瞳】【联军】【面我】"Staying at the Astor too," she said as they got into a cab. She pressed into the far corner of the back seat and sat hunched up with her chin in her hand, looking out at the hideous deadly nightshade of the neon.【会撑】【光刀】【长力】【溅而】And then something gripped his pistol arm and a voice snarled: "All right, Limey. Take it easy unless you want lead for lunch," and he felt something press into his back just above the kidneys.【再出】

【个地】【好像】The road houses ran through the night on the shores of the lake. The big entertainers shilled for the games which were not financed to be beaten. The stick men and the wheel turners were the nomadic hustlers who were paid by the day and travelled the gambling circuit from Newport, Ky., down to Miami in the winter and back up to Saratoga for- August. Most of them were educated in Steubenville, O., where the penny-ante games were trade schools for the industry.【取到】【么再】【机械】【况还】She made no comment, but wrote the name down. She looked up. "Got a passport?"【金界】【是真】【转行】There was a small noise as the gun fell to the carpet.【光屠】【去毒】【也启】【啊小】Bond walked over to the gramophone and picked up the record. It was George Feyer with rhythm accompaniment. He looked at the number and memorized it. It was Vox 500. He examined the other side and, skipping La Vie en Rose because it had memories for him, put the needle down at the beginning of Avril an Portugal.【禁器】【黑色】【余可】Bond sensed the beginning of a vin triste. "Care to go somewhere else?" he said, knowing that it had,been he who had killed the evening.【没有】【分的】【的拘】【抖着】Bond put an arm round her and held her to him. "My darling." He knew that nothing but the great step of physical love would cure these misunderstandings, but that words and time still had to be wasted. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I just wanted to know for certain. That was a bad night on the train and that supper-table hurt me much more than what happened later. I had to ask you."【尖刺】【一动】【难道】12 THE PERPETUITIES【这玩】【身散】【与兴】【有崩】Bond told him. "Okay. You'll get the money in the morning. Be calling you shortly." The phone went dead.【的打】【意义】【血气】"What are you going to do about it?"【原因】【一次】【分裂】【规则】And somewhere, in some rented room in London, the hiss of the recorder would stop as she put back the receiver. And then, perhaps, an unknown door would close and footsteps would softly sound on some stairs and out into an unknown street and away.【浪在】

【光刀】【制这】The handcar sang happily on down the rails. There were no controls to bother with except a brake lever and a kind of joystick with a twist-grip accelerator which the girl held fully open with the speedometer steady at thirty. And the miles and the minutes clicked by, and every now and then Bond turned painfully in his seat and inspected the blossoming red glow in the sky behind them.【是觉】【散开】【界势】【更是】

"Yes."【一些】【只眼】【至尊】Pissaro picked his teeth until a mound of ice cream arrived, and then he bent his head again and started spooning the ice cream rapidly up into his small mouth.【那貂】【围的】【不是】【巨大】"Black bastard."【而去】

【记提】【族军】Bond shoved the gun into his waistband and wrenched one of his two portholes wide open. He thrust his shoulders through, relieved to find that there was at least an inch to spare. He craned down. Two dimly lit circles directly below him. How far? About eight feet. The night was still dead calm. No wind, and he was on the dark side of the ship. Would he be spotted from the flying bridge? Would one of their portholes be open?【血芒】【两百】【里了】【大的】"Looks like it, Sir," said the officer from the Freetown Garrison Force who was standing next to him. He turned to the third man. "Corporal. Make sure there's no metal showing through the camouflage net. This moon'll pick up anything."【的速】【有后】【的不】He put an arm round her shoulders, and she turned and smiled into his eyes. She raised her voice above the noise of the engine and the hammer of the iron wheels on the rails. "That was quite an exit. Like something out of an old Buster Keaton film. How d'you feel?" She surveyed the battered face. "You look terrible."【着那】【心把】【出碎】【有不】"Mister, for Chrissake willya switch off that crap?" pleaded Ernie Cureo through his teeth. "And keep watching. We'll give 'em a whiles more. Then get me to a doc. Dig out the slug." His voice was weak and now that the girl had gone he was half-lying with his head against the door.【方向】

【它出】【当身】Bond glanced at his watch. It said five minutes to midnight. He surveyed the big room for the last time, noted that a new dealer had taken over at Tiffany Case's table, and that there was no sign of Mr Spang, and then he walked out through the glass door into the hot stuffy night and over the lawns to the Turquoise building and let himself into his room and locked the door behind him.【觉没】【你说】【天道】【要除】Bond gave her a reassuring smile and walked out and shut the door of the bathroom behind him and went about his business, doing everything with great deliberation and pausing before each move so as to examine its effect on the eyes and minds of the detectives who would come on board at Southampton.【的凌】【识的】【间全】The pilot settled into his seat and fastened the seat-belt, feeling for the rudder pedals with his feet. He made sure that the wheel brakes were on, pushed the pitch control lever right down, turned on the fuel and pressed the starter. Satisfied with the beat of the engine, he released the rotor brake and softly twisted the throttle on the pitch control. Outside the cabin windows the long rotor blades slowly swung by and the pilot glanced astern at the whirring tail rotor. He settled himself back and watched the rotor speed indicator creep up to 200 revolutions a minute. When the needle was just over the 200, he released the wheel brakes and pulled up slowly and firmly on the pitch lever. Above him the blades of the rotor tilted and bit deeper into the air. More throttle, and the machine slowly rose clattering towards the sky until, at about 100 feet, the pilot simultaneously gave it left rudder and pushed forward the joystick between his knees.【喉咙】【这一】【必须】【必是】He put the receiver back on its cradle.【至尊】

【象身】【的不】And now here came the last of the bad men, the man who had ordered his death, and Tiffany's, the man who, according to M, had built up the traffic in diamonds, organized the pipeline and run it ruthlessly and efficiently through the years.【就猜】【此诞】【别那】【解掉】There was no encouragement in the china eyes.【的长】【一定】【其中】Once more, thought Bond. But not this turn.【外血】【以抵】【小但】【多真】It was a straight stretch of road with not much traffic about. The distant tops of the mountains were yellow in the setting sun and the street was beginning to get blue with the fifteen minutes of dusk when you can't make up your mind whether to switch on your lights.【事说】



【尊将】【因此】The room was very quiet except for the hypnotic tick of a large sunburst wall-clock and the soft murmur of voices from behind a door opposite the entrance. There was a click and the door opened a few inches and a voice with a thick foreign intonation expostulated volubly: "Bud Mister Grunspan, why being so hard? Vee must all make a lifting, yes? I am telling you this vonderful stone gost me ten tousant pounts. Ten tousant! You ton't pelieff me? Bud I svear it. On my vort of honour." There was a negative pause and the voice made its final bid. "Bedder still! I bet you fife pounts!"【神之】【他我】【了起】【是一】They were riding easily along at forty with the low-slung Jaguar right on their tail and the black sedan a block ahead of them. Suddenly, so that Bond pitched forward, Ernie Cureo put his brakes full on and dry-skidded to a stop with a scream of his tyres. There was a shattering splinter of metal and glass as the Jaguar hit their fenders. The cab lurched forward against its brakes and then the driver jammed it into gear and, with a horrible tearing of iron, freed himself from the smashed radiator of the car behind and accelerated away down the road.【间镰】【间不】【够战】"Well, that's fine," said Bond, hoping that flattery was the key. "You people certainly seem to think things out. I like working for careful people."【层的】【真的】【深入】【人自】The village of Saratoga Springs [he read beneath the' photograph of an attractive young man with wide, Straight eyes and a rather thin-lipped smile] was the Coney Island of the underworld until the Kefauvers put their show on the television. It frightened the hicks and chased the hoodlums to Las Vegas. But the mobs exercised dominion over Saratoga for a long time. It was a colony of the national gangs and they ran it with pistols and baseball bats.【是佛】